Introduce Master training

1. Introduction to training unit

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technology is one of the strong faculties in Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. The function of unit is organization and training for the program of master of Electrical Engineering.

The Faculty has lecturers, research staff with rich in experience, long-term research, leading of electrical engineering major. Faculty consists of 60 official lecturers, including 12 PhDs, 3 PhD students, 34 Masters and 11 master student. Faculty members have been involved in the research of university-level, ministry-level topics and projects, as well as collaboration for research with members of other technical universities.

The mission of faculty is combine training with scientific research to train for master's students.  We are expected student able apply knowledge in practice when them still in school by participate in scientific research activities in the faculty.

The main task of Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technology is improve the quality of students, improve the training program, developing a specialized laboratory system, promoting domestic and international cooperation; renovate teaching and learning methods, step up scientific research activities, supplying human resources for industrialization and modernization.

2. Contact information

- Office: X5.2
- Phone number: 083.8940.390 – Ext: 175
- Responsibility:
  Pham Trung Kien – dean (Email:
  Tran Thanh Ngoc – vice dean (Email:
  Nguyen Anh Tuan – charge of graduate student (Email:

3. Introduction to the course

Training the course follow application method. After graduate, the trainees will have deep professional knowledge and professional career skills; ability to work independently and creatively; capable of mastering scientific; capable of designing and applying research results in the field of electrical engineering; ability continue doctoral degree programs.

4. Course content

Total of the course:                                  60 credits 100%
General knowledge:                                08 credits 13.33%
Base of knowledge (compulsory):          09 credits 15.00%
Base of knowledge (optional):                28 credits 46.67%
Master thesis:                                          15 credits 25.00%

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